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Actual Day of Timo and Daniel, Germany

Timo and Daniel knew each other for more than 10 years. Their love story is amazing. I was introduced to them by one of their very good friends. I was so thankful and honoured to be able to photograph their wedding, and to witness two persons genuinely in love with each other, despite the many obstacles they had to go through. Though this was a gay wedding, it was no different from any weddings that I have taken before. During the church wedding ceremony, Daniel was moved to tears. Like any other weddings, one party or the other will get emotional during the whole procession. And I believe these were the tears of joy, the thought that one is able to marry someone that he loves, especially when both Daniel and Timo have gone through quite a bit. I also noticed that during the sermon, I saw watery eyes among some of the guests. Later I asked my friend who understood German and he told me that people were crying because of what the Pastor has shared, apologising on behalf to those who were hurt in the midst - hurt especially by those misinformed people who discriminate against same-sex marriage. He told me that some of the audience were non church goers, and hence the sermon must have touched them. It was a very fun and meaningful wedding that lasted till 3 in the morning.